Winter Ice Control Products

Kleener Image is your one stop shop for all of your ice control and snow plow needs. We offer a wide range of bulk, bagged, and liquid products to assist your company with ice control. We are also open 24/7 during each and every snow event to assist with loading materials. Our normal winter hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-4:00 PM. Please call the office at 515-556-8673 for any questions or product availability.

Kleener Image also offers ice melt delivery for bagged and bulk materials, as well as snow hauling services. Call or email for a quote.


BUlk Ice Control Products

  • Rock Salt

  • Treated Salt (Infernalmelt with Residucron) - Green Dye

  • Ice Control Sand - sand treated with calcium chloride to create a freeze-proof sand

  • InfernalMelt Liquid Deicer


Bagged Ice Melt Products

  • Eco-Guard (-20F) 49 bags/pallet. 50 lb bags. Purple Dye

  • Quik-Thaw (-5F) 50 bags/pallet. 50 lb bags. Green Dye

  • Professional Ice Melter (-16F) 50 bags/pallet. 50 lb bags. Blue Dye. Tech Grade Product

Snow Shovels.jpg

The Snow Plow Snow Shovels

  • 18” Snow Dominator Scoop

  • 24” The Snow Plow Pusher

  • 30” The Snow Plow Pusher

  • 36” The Snow Plow Pusher

  • Replacement Handle/Parts